Regulatory Consulting

oil plant

Lampl Herbert Consultants works with private industry clients to obtain federal, state, and local regulatory permits that govern natural resource projects. For example, exploration for oil and gas in Florida requires applications for specific activities – seismic permits to conduct seismic testing, drilling permits to drill exploratory wells and water supply and waste disposal wells for supporting activities. Depending on the location, some projects require environmental regulatory permits from the State of Florida and/or the US Army Corps of Engineers. LHC, in most situations, serves as project manager and prepares all application documents, conducts supporting studies, coordinates other consultants, and briefs agency representatives, communities, and non-governmental organizations. We establish a work plan, timetable, and coordinate with client team members throughout the regulatory process.

By design, LHC’s applications “tell the story” about proposed projects. We take a life cycle approach to describe the work from idea to completion of permitted activities. In Florida applications, supporting plans and materials, and communication between the agency, applicant, and interested parties and/or opponents are posted to public websites. We take the next step in transparency by placing printed and digital copies of materials in local public libraries. LHC advocates involvement of communities and stakeholders.