Environmental Services and Planning

environmental survey

All natural resource development projects are governed by plans, regulatory permits, science and agreements that guide and/or prevent specific activities or locations.

environmental survey form

Projects begin with secondary research — gathering all the data, maps, and literature into a format for review. Most projects are best supported with high resolution aerial imagery and LIDAR terrain models based on accurate global positioning for surface environmental resources. With this starting point, the locations of wetlands, forest cover by species, and data points for species of importance such as gopher tortoise burrows, eagles’ nests and rookeries can be plotted. The imagery and LIDAR also is critical for geohazards identification of karst areas. The LHC environmental team brings extensive field experience and policy know-how to each project.

resource protection and management system graphic

LHC wildlife services include identification and relocation of gopher tortoises. LHC plant/botanical projects include ongoing research related to cultivation of milkweed, saw palmettos, and other native plants.