Oil & Gas

Oil and natural gas fueled the human journey from the days of horse and buggies and continues its role in an orderly society in the post-Industrial Age. We depend on hydrocarbon resources every day to move cars, trucks, trains, planes, and power the lights and electronics in our homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Crude oil serves as feedstock for an array of everyday items that include clothing, kitchen equipment, monitors, and keyboards.

oil plant
Photograph by Paul Owen

Florida contributes to the US energy supply, producing oil and gas from the Smackover/Norphlet Geologic Trend in Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties in the northwestern reaches of the state and oil from the Sunniland Geologic Trend in Collier, Lee, and Hendry Counties in the back country of the southwestern peninsula. Independent companies continue the search for new reserves, focusing most recently on the Conecuh Embayment that extends from Lower Alabama into the Apalachicola River Basin in northwest Florida and the flanks of the Sunniland in Hendry County.

The industry is regulated by federal, state, and local policy and standards that govern multiple permitting processes. Florida regulations focus on conservation of oil and gas resources, protection of property and mineral rights, health and human safety, and environmental resources.

oil plant workers
oil plant

LHC operates primarily in the upstream and midstream sectors of the industry in Florida, Alabama, and surrounding states. We work with independent and major oil and gas companies to obtain federal, state, and local regulatory permits and permissions required for exploration, development, production, and operations on public and private lands.

LHC takes a life cycle approach to each project to provide transparency for agencies, communities, and interested stakeholders. Our experience includes development and management of multi-disciplinary teams that support exploration and drilling programs, large-scale seismic surveys conducted on public lands in Florida and Alabama, and to leadership of team focused on projects that include due diligence of oil field electrification.

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